ACT NOW for meaningful change to stem the ecological devastation of climate change

We need people in districts with Democratic representatives to reach out to their Congress people on FRIDAY!

Since 1,000 of young people flooded Congress this week, thirteen NEW Representatives have backed the Select Committee on a Green New Deal, but we need more to make real change on climate change policy.

Our friends in the Sunrise Movement have gained incredible momentum in demanding real change to protect our climate, but they need our help. We asking all friends of the Arizona Poor People’s Campaign to contact your representatives on FRIDAY before Congress closes for the year to #SealTheDeal.

CALL TO ACTION – Join Rev Barber at the Border Dec 8-10

Solidarity Across Borders

Join us for a trip to the Tijuana / San Diego border this weekend

Arizona Poor People’s Campaign is seeking drivers, vehicles, and travelers to join Reverend Barber and other faith leaders at the Tijuana/San Diego border crossing December 8th-10th, 2018.

Monday, December 10, faith leaders will lead a walk to the border and offer a ceremonial blessing to migrants in the other side of the border wall. The walk will culminate in nonviolent moral fusion direct action and open a week of action from December 10 to December 18. Trainings will be available.

If you would like to join a contingent from Phoenix for this border action, please contact us at

If you can help drive, provide a vehicle, or travel and provide gas money please let us know when you RSVP.

In solidarity,

Arizona Poor People’s Campaign

“Someone has been hurting our people. and it’s gone on far too long. And we won’t be silent anymore. Forward Together”

Rev. Dr. William J Barber II and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis
CoChairs of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Stop the Tears! Rally and Protest

We call on all people of faith and conscience to protest cruel and unjustified asylum policies this Sunday, Dec 2, Noon-2 PM

Phoenix – A coalition of eight Phoenix organizations, community advocates and concerned citizens will unite on Sunday at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza to show support for those seeking asylum in our country and to reject the current administration’s continued use of cruel tactics and policies at our borders.

Arizonans of all walks of life are asking that people remain vigilant and engage in an active role to combat the militarization of police, abuses of power, and violations of human rights here in our state and border into 2019 and beyond.

“We are coming together in solidarity to demand that asylum seekers, primarily women and children, be allowed to go through the application process as is their right by law,” said Veronica Monge, Organizer with Arizona Poor People’s Campaign. “We are also demanding that the abuses and inhumane actions taken by the US Border Patrol cease, as they are not representative of the values of this country.”

The local action is a part of the national STOP THE TEARS weekend spearheaded by

Families Belong Together. The rally and donation drive will take place from 12-2pm and will feature refugees and immigration advocates as speakers.  Attendees can get more information and register for the event at

Where: Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, across the street from the AZ State Capitol, at 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

When: 12-2pm
Sunday, December 2, 2018

What: Protest, Rally and Donation Drive to benefit asylum-seeking families. Attendees may donate cash at the event or are encouraged to bring the following items as donations:

  • Cases of water
  • Gently used warm winter clothing, blankets and towels
  • New socks and underwear, all sizes
  • Toiletries

Organizing Sponsors:  
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona
LUCHA – Living United for Change in Arizona
AZ Resist
Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance
Poder in Action
Arizona Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
No More Deaths Phx
Transqueer Pueblo

For More Information:

Rigo Gonzalez

Veronica Monge

Arizona Poor Peoples Campaign: Midterm Election Statement 2018

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Reflecting on the recent election, we want to point out that the process of strategically mobilizing ordinary people proved highly effectual. The selection of the peoples’ candidates in certain cases shows the power of organizing, taking to the streets, collecting signatures, and knocking on doors. There were steps taken toward incremental change on behalf of education and humane policies and we should believe that the power of the people should not stop, but should do it again.

We want to recognize, and give credit, to the movement of the people. However, we can’t celebrate the process of the mobilization of the people, without also putting at the forefront, the populations of people who were held back from voting due to the suppressive political environment.

We demand the immediate full restoration, and expansion, of the Voting Rights Act.

We also demand an end to racist gerrymandering and redistricting, early registration of 17 and 18 year olds, the implementation of automatic registration to vote at the age of 18, early voting in every state, same-day registration, the enactment of Election Day as a holiday, and a verifiable paper record. We demand the right to vote for the formerly incarcerated.

We demand an end to placing persons on the federal bench who have a record of standing against voting rights.

We demand a clear and just immigration system that strengthens our democracy through the broad participation of everyone in this country. This includes providing a timely citizenship process that guarantees the right to vote. It also requires protecting immigrants’ abilities to organize for their rights in the workplace and in their communities without fear of retribution, detention or deportation.

We demand that First Nations, Native Americans and Alaskan Native people retain their tribal recognition as nations, not races, to make substantive claims to their sovereignty, and that voting is accessible for populations on the reservation.

Do not be complacent now that the election is over.

The results of the election amount to affecting the conditions under which we organize — but we must continue to come together and fight for the natural rights for all existence until the days of peace and justice arise.

Before 2020, we want to emphasize, it is the demand of the people to be granted equal access to voting, no matter what.

This election has shown the need for accountability, and ability for individuals, to verify their vote is counted accurately on a local & national level. Poor people and marginalized communities continue to be the target of voter suppression efforts. Arizona Poor Peoples’ Campaign remains dedicated to fighting for democracy by organizing among the people and collaborating with local organizations. We call for Arizona citizens to join in this effort to affect greater community representation to be acted upon by elected officials.


Arizona Poor Peoples Campaign on Facebook

@poorpeoplescampaignaz on Instagram

Stay Vigilant.

Everybody’s Got a Right to Live Emergency Rally and March at 6 PM

Everybody's Got a Right to Live Emergency Rally and March at 6 PM

We are changing the teach-in to an emergency rally and March tonight after police shot and killed a man without due process this morning at Center and Osborn.

In response to recent videos surfacing from Mesa Police Department and Phoenix Police Department using deadly force as usual on another person today, we’ll rallying TONIGHT and heading to the Central and Osborne where today’s police-involved shooting. Right now Phoenix Police Department has shot or killed 25 people this year and so far over 40 police involved shootings/murders in Maricopa County. This is a crisis and a state of emergency! Meet us at First Church at 6pm TONIGHT! SHARE THIS!