Struggle to Save Sacred Ground of the Shellmound by the Sogorea Te Land Trust

Berkley, Calif. — The Sacred Journey led by the Apache Stronghold stopped with the Sogorea Te Land Trust in Berkeley, California to listen and pray on their journey to join the Poor People’s Campaign in DC on June 23, 2018.

We exchanged blessings, shared prayers, sang and drummed, and listened to the struggle to save the sacred West Berkeley Shellmound under our feet where developers want to build a large complex. Most of the 425 shellmounds have already been built over. Corinna Gould, co-founder of the Sogorea Te Land Trust and Ohlone native tells us this Shellmound belongs to her people and that they have suffered 3 colonizations — by missionaries, by Mexico, and by the United States. Her people did not receive citizenship rights in their own lands until 1924.

Remembering what happened and continues as oppression of indigenous communities exposes the lies of the US and tells the truth of the connections between Systemic Racism, poverty, militarism, and ecological devastation that is at the heart of the organizing of the Poor People’s Campaign. We must resist the hold corporations have on this country and the greed we are all tempted to attach to, says both Corinna Gould and Wendsler Nosie.

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Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
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