Elem-Modun Village: First Stop of Apache Stronghold on Sacred Journey

The Apache Stronghold and allies have reached their first stop where they will launch a Sacred Journey led to join the Poor People’s Campaign in DC on the 23rd of June. Support the Apache Stronghold Sacred Journey GoFundMe. The Poor People’s Campaign recognizes that for there to be a moral revival we must first tell the truth about the lies this nation tells itself about what occurred to our indigenous families over 500 years. We must listen to the suffering & struggle of indigenous peoples – America’s “first chapter” as Wendsler Nosie says, in order to understand the connections between systemic poverty, racism, greed, militarism, and Ecological Devastation.

The Elem-modun village on Clear Lake (who the colonizers called Pomo people) was nearly devastated by greed and genocide during the gold rush. And now their people have been reduced to living on just 50 acres sandwiched between the Clear Lake and an open mercury mine pit that was never filled and today continues to poison the water and environment around them with mercury and other heavy metal contaminants. Elders of the Elem-Modum village shared they have not been able to fish in these waters since 1975 because the fish have all been poisoned. The Sacred Journey in part hopes to bring us all together to address the spiritual problem of greed and the power corporations wield in this country since its beginning!

Signage has recently been put up entering the village and surrounding the mining pit filled with water warning of the risks to health but little has been done to address the dangers it poses for the community.


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Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
Apache Stronghold
Apache Stronghold Spiritual Fleet, Sun. 6/10