Preparing for the Sacred Journey

“We must all decolonize from the intent of how America was founded to enable us to call America home again,” says Wendsler Nosie.

The Sacred Caravan led by Apache Stronghold prepared for its journey that starts Sunday June 10 with a Traditional Sweat at the invitation of the Pomo nation of Elem colony at Clearlake Oaks, California.

Wendsler Nosien Sr. described the Sweat to us as way for us to connect to Mother Earth and her ways by entering the darkness of the womb again.

Our world is afraid of darkness and often associates it with death. But the darkness of the womb leads to life. When we entered the Sweat and the darkness we had each other as brothers, and our songs, and the sound of the drums, and water and our prayers.

The Poor People’s Campaign call for Moral Revival recognizes the need to listen and learn from indigenous native struggles which not only tell the truth about the immoral and oppressive beginning of the US but also the way forward to decolonize our destructive life ways.


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@Elem Indian Colony

Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
Apache Stronghold Spiritual Fleet, Sat. 6/9
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